Without proper cybersecurity guarantees, WFH surveillance puts workers - and their employers - in danger.

On a global scale, the timing of a pandemic that enabled the proliferation of “radical” working from home coincided almost too well with Microsoft Office 365’s introduction of “MyAnalytics” — a ‘personalised’ AI application which sits on top of your most work software; emails, what you write, your work browser, logins, work patterns — which reports back to you how “collaborative” or how poorly “focused” the AI deems you to be.

But this is just a tiny sliver and relatively tame version of the AI work from home surveillance we are now starting to see being implemented into people’s homes…

But as an adult, it’s always easier to blame yourself as the victim.

Trigger warning: this uncomfortable piece deals with rape, sexual abuse, mental health and eating disorders.

Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

The idea of being a survivor of abuse rather than a victim is the pivot I’m yet to make, but it’s one I’m working towards.

Grooming happens whenever there is a leverage or gap of power which is exploited by abusers for personal gain. But this can happen with both children and adults.

I was raped, groped and seriously assaulted as a child — and also abused in adulthood at work. Not being able to see the signs — even feeling like I was “asking…

More fake-eco nonsense? Here’s the real, irreversible damage that your dried flowers are causing to the environment.

There’s a disturbingly distinct type of representation of the Asian and African communities in this racist Netflix documentary

Pre-article notes to inform you:

Perhaps the real conspiracy in Seaspiracy is all the racism.

Seaspiracy is a brand new, conservationist-styled Netflix documentary riding on the titular success of ‘Cowspiracy’.

And there’s no doubting that this film project is conservationist. It does a great job of highlighting the problems that humans place on the ocean; it’s efficient at creating pangs of guilt.

And like any strongly-received ecological film , it is proving controversial — but not for the ideal reasons.

It’s been branded as fake news; people from the global communities noted in the film are finally finding the voice to say that the Seaspiracy narrative…

No-one’s talking about the immediate cybersecurity threat that they pose to all— as well as ordinary citizens

Online vaccine passports may well be the most pertinent human rights crisis of our era — and humans might be losing the fight.

TL;DR: a database of health information isn’t usually a simple solution either. Storing data online does not guarantee data safety, integrity, or security. In the same vein, that also means citizen data, safety, integrity and security is at risk.

So much so that in the UK, senior politicians and NGOs from across the whole political spectrum are coming together to say no to digital passport / vaccine identity data (VID).

Refuse to be silenced — Online Vaccine Passports Are Just As Hackable and Dangerous as paper documents
Refuse to be silenced — Online Vaccine Passports Are Just As Hackable and Dangerous as paper documents
Accessibility and disability rights, for example, may be silenced by the introduction of vaccine passports.

The vaccine passport debate rages on. In…

Using these DIY and no-code tools, you could start your side business today, with the minimum of fuss.

Why is is that everyone seems to have a side hustle these days? Well — because it’s never been easier to get one started, even if it’s just an experiment at first.

The amount of motivation porn that resides on the Internet is either enough to send a fire rocket into your proverbial rear end to help fire you up on the next idea — or, more likely — you’re about to get seriously nullified by what I’d call motivation bloat.

Starting your side hustle online today? Steal these ideas:

Lady looks out onto a lavender field — “Build your side hustle today” quote.
Lady looks out onto a lavender field — “Build your side hustle today” quote.
Credit: https://newrealities.medium.com

Starting your eCommerce side business

The classic side hustle. Launching an online store has never been easier than it is today.

An eCommerce store…

S.M.A.R.T. goals have long been a framework for setting goals that are more attainable and realistic.

Why is the way that you set goals so important?

Goals help create a sense of accountability and allow individuals to assess progress they’re making along the way.

Specific goals allow the goal-setter to visualize and plan for exactly what they’ll need to do to accomplish it. Indeed, that’s what the S stands for in SMART goals — specific. After all, if what you’re aiming for wishy washy, what’s the point?

What does SMART goals stand for?

S = Smart

M = Measurable

A = Attainable

R = Relevant

T = Timely

The idea of development through feedback and motivation is one which considers the more human-like idea of improving through iteration after iteration; using ‘baby-steps’ to make your way to achievement.

A core part of this is the ‘A’ element…

5 hard-talking pieces of advice — to help you grow up fast.

Time to explore yourself within, accept reality — and grow up.

In a world of plenty, the blissful ability to remain naïve or ignorant to the foibles of human flaw increases.

Maybe this applies to you.

Of course, growing up comfortably is a recipe for getting hurt any time something goes wrong, which seems to be the most common indicator for folks who might yet have some “growing up” to do. At least, growing up in the sense of growing resilience to the normal knocks and tumbles of life.

And even if you don’t want to grow up, you have a duty to be present, and accept life for what it…

Elon Musk praises first principles thinking — here’s how can you apply Elon’s thinking in your own work and life.

What is first principles thinking?
What is first principles thinking?
Credit: https://newrealities.medium.com .

“First principles is kind of a ‘physics way’ of looking at the world,” Elon Musk once said.

In discussing the quantum leaps made in the most revered examples of human innovation from across technology and manufacturing, Musk famously explained during an interview at Tesla, that most people prefer to use a comparison, or an analogy, as a way to either:

  1. Create the reason for doing something, or to
  2. Prove that what you’re doing builds back better on something that already exists.

Musk asks you to scrap both of these paths of thought when using first principles thinking.

Elon Musk says…

Want to follow along with my CPD refresher learning journey?

I’ve been working in marketing for the best part of 8 years, and nearly 16 years in content — including journalism and copywriting.

There comes a time in every professional’s life where they may need to go over the basics, and re-start their lifelong learning journey in a way that can be audited and tracked.

And that definitely applies to me!

Continuing professional development (CPD), or continuing professional learning (CPL) within marketing is important. For me, the benefits are the following:

Benefits of Lifelong Learning in Marketing

  1. Helps ensure the ability of keeping up to date with the latest techniques
  2. Creates a relationship with an active…

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