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The last couple of years have truly peeled back the layers.

One of those (perhaps unsurprising, as you’ll read in the article) is that Sally Rooney is now basically a racist.

Medium readers of a certain disposition probably didn’t want to hear that.

Sorry y’all.

But it looks like your…

As work becomes even more remote and globalised, how can we make sure that we don’t lose our skills at detecting body language while communicating through mediated technologies?

Digital body language is a fairly new concept that has seen a boost in curiosity around it.

How can we help each…

There is a pattern of global economic decimation and inflation right now

You can no longer rely on retirement money that the Government is “keeping” for you.

Your pension fund won’t beat inflation.

And as of November 2021, the cash world is going into high inflation. Europe is just one example. The US is too

There is a small, but growing phenomenon…

The proliferation GPT-3 tools for marketers and salespeople is already rendering the process of waiting for human copywriting to be slow and facile.

Don’t get left behind.

The world of human-written copy is about to die. Get ahead of it.

Not that anyone wants to poo-poo AI, but um, it might put a few of us writing here on Medium out of work.

There’s no right answer when it comes to setting personal boundaries.

Perhaps the most tragic thing for most people isnthat they have to be pushed to their limits first before knowing what their boundaries are.

But these sorts of experiences can be deeply traumatic.

So how can we prevent adding…

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1. Wild Films

Who are Wild Films? Wild Films is an independent natural history production company in the UK.

Made famous for their documentary film starring Iain Glen as narrator, The Tigers of Scotland, they enjoy focusing on developing projects that support awareness and knowledge of ‘less popular animals’ and endangered species that need more worldwide attention, such as the Scottish Wildcat.

Wild Films also produce drone footage in…

Note — always seek professional health advice, the following article is for suggestion or study only.

Obsessive thinking isn’t something that’s talked about much, in the correct way.

And the same harmful perceptions around OCD still exist — you know the caricature well: someone who cleans several times a day…

new realities.

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