Starting building your post-Covid life now.

Before it’s too late to make anything different while the world’s still in flux.

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4 min readJan 6, 2022


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In this 2022 world still dominated by infection-safety anxiety because of the pandemic, it can be so easy to dismiss or lose faith in your own hopes, dreams and ideas because of fear of the future.

Fear of people coughing.

Fear of the Government.

Fear of economic disaster.

Fear of endless pharmaceutical intervention into your daily life.

Is this you? Are you obsessively wasting your life checking graphs, headlines, tweets, and updates?

You need out before the system consumes you completely.

Need the plan outline? Scroll down to the title below: “Making your post-Covid life plan”.

Fear is a killer.

Fear ruins dreams.

But, as The Smiths once said, there is a light and it never goes out — and sometimes those lights are those burning ideas, or visions of a lifestyle that you want to lead — that somehow never leave your mind.

It’s hard to cope when the narrative you want to live in doesn’t match the one that’s swirling around you.

That’s why its so important to build you post-Covid life now.

But how — when there’s so much uncertainty?

You plan for success anyway.

And then you make an extra plan to mitigate where you might get pushed off the track.

That last one is a tough thing to face up to.

Planning for the worst is just like fear: both are aspects of Jung’s shadow: something that shouldn’t be repressed, but should be observed and under ego-control so it doesn’t become destructive.

We need to do our best to explore and extract good qualities from that shadow.

Making your post-Covid…



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