Why you shouldn’t care what other people think of your job

The cocktail party test is a middle-class lie

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2 min readJan 6, 2022

Why is the cocktail party test even a thing?

Why are you trying to impress these people? I mean, look at that guy holding his wine like a cross to bear — he doesn’t really care. He’s here for the wine only.

That other guy facing the camera but also just off-camera? He’s straining his eyes to either see something, hear something he missed, or hold in a fart.

Stop trying to impress these people.

But why do you still feel like you have to?

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Because you’ve been trained to promote the self-image you project onto the world as being more important than how you feel.

Do you know how unhealthy that is?

You’ve heard it all before, but building character and building your LinkedIn profile are not the same thing…

You shouldn’t care what other people think of your job. Asking inane, asinine questions like “does your job pass the cocktail party test?” is the kind of insecurity inducing b-lls — t that no-one needs when they’re simply trying to make their way through life.

The cocktail party test is just another form of social-class bullying.



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