You’re witnessing the final stages of death for global legacy media. Strap in.

Legacy media like CNN, the BBC et al — are on their last legs.

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4 min readFeb 4, 2022
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The term ‘legacy media’ isn’t new.

But its popularity is.

The New York Times Just Made It Bleedingly Obvious

Did you hear that?

The distant, desperate sabre-rattling from The New York Times — to the tune of an undisclosed 7 figure sum — is highly telling overall of a dying media form which literally needs to buy a ready-made audience in order to ensure its survival.

See, the New York Times’ purchase of viral web game Wordle wasn’t just some flight of fancy for the discerning crossword fan.

They literally just bought precious web cookie data, and global, die-hard web traffic.

Other newspapers might have scoffed at this, but the legacy media outlets that aren’t making the same sort of acquisitions, at least, while they still can, are doomed.

Those figures which went viral a few weeks ago only make it more painfully obvious:



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