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First it was S&P. Then Moody’s. Then Fitch.

This morning it was JP Morgan.

It’s so hard to escape the news right now of Evergrande’s conspicuous market demise; collateral worth billions upon billions, which some commentators are predicting makes the Lehman Brother’s dog’s dinner of 2008 look more like a quirky little global picnic — if Chinese regulators whip out another unexpectedly poor reaction to the news of Evergrande being unable to satisfy investors and creditors.

See, if Evergrande fail again, there might be no floor for the fall — and Bitcoin might be the perfect solution to brace the…

It’s harder to learn online. Here’s how to cope.

We live in the new world of remote learning over and above in-person learning. The balance always used to be the other way, until now.

But it’s actually harder to cope with remote learning— here’s why, and here’s how to cope.

A man contemplates with headphones during a remote learning session. Online learning is harder than in-person learning — here’s how to cope.
Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

Distance learning comes with its challenges.

It’s a bit of a misnomer to call it a work/life balance, when in fact, people often experience issues with a life/study balance — it’s just that we’re not used to that dichotomy.

Challenges you might face with remote learning

  • Life/study balance — particularly family commitments
  • Work/study balance — where the rigour of the course might demand that you work…

So you’re in a rut and need to make some side money? If you’re willing to do the work, then you’re halfway there.

You’ve heard the usual advice, no doubt someone online is probably trying to sell you a course in making money, by giving them money first. (Hmmmm, maybe there’s an idea!) And I can tell you’re sick and tired of being told to try dropshipping with Shopify and Oberlo when you don’t have the capital to start with to pay for Shopify. Annoying. …

Gloved hand holds a vaccine vial and fills it. Children and medical consent: a philosophical approach
Photo by Mufid Majnun on Unsplash

In writing the following essay,Children and medical consent: a philosophical approach’ — there will be some unappealing and sensitive ideas covered in the following paragraphs.

Less a trigger warning, but more of a realism warning. Scroll to read on if you wish.

“…there no evidence or moral proof that blanket trustlessness applied by the Government to family rights benefits the majority of children…”

A state-based, fake-utilitarian model does not guarantee the least amount of harm. I will outline this in full, below.

Lowering the age of consent

Let’s dive into this mess immediately. There’s a slippery slope argument that by placing the government in…

Man wearing an Oculus Rift S. VR for recruitment. Workrooms by Facebook for Oculus.
Photo by Lux Interaction on Unsplash

It seems odd that VR hasn’t seen a stronger enterprise take up — with consumer audiences very much leading the way during the tail end of the Covid crisis.

But first, let’s talk about Workrooms by Facebook.

Horizon -Workrooms by Facebook (for Oculus) came close, but it also came out to a frightening low level of applause, and an absolute roasting by that don of marketing, Mark Ritson.

Although, when you’re Facebook, you are 100% allowed to arrive on the market with a prototype-y thing with what essentially looks like some cute Miis sitting around the desk (which are massively…

Image of physically coined Tether, a stablecoin. Is Tether really in trouble in 2021?
Photo by DrawKit Illustrations on Unsplash

The recent headlines swarming around Tether don’t sound promising right now.

You’d be forgiven for thinking this stablecoin was about to get crushed under the weight of regulation and everything Tether wanted to avoid.

But is this FUD, when it enjoys being the biggest playa papa in terms of volume in the crypto markets, or should crypto investors have a real reason to be concerned about the fate of Tether?

Why Canada banned Tether

Canada banned USDT from trading on the two licensed exchanges in that country — Coinberry and Wealthsimple.

The alleged cover-up of an $850 million loss, along with news of the…

A dopamine fast might help us stay balanced.

Or, it could drive us crazy.

Cap with ‘dope’ emblem. From regular dope to no dopmaine — why are people dopmaine fasting?
Photo by Lautaro Andreani on Unsplash

All those notifications across are apps are making us stupid and numb.

They could even be blunting our reaction to dopamine — in a similar way to endless sugar blunting the insulin response, which leads to diabetes type 2.

What is a dopamine fast?

A dopamine fast is the removal of all highly distracting stimuli for 24 hours.

Similar to religious fasting, the idea of the dopamine fast is the following (which would also require medical approval, like a religious fast):

  • No food
  • No drinks other than water
  • No TV, video games, movies, social media, newspapers, books and no technology
  • No sex or masturbation
  • No…

How to deal with a boss who is stupider than you.
Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

Courageous and compassionate leaders who can coach rather than berate, are rare. Those who listen rather than grandstand, and support within their expertise rather than deny their lack of knowledge and “delegate” (only, without the autonomy and support that is supposed to arrive with delegated tasks)…wow. They are in shockingly short supply.

If you’re truly being led with inspiration and autonomy — and not just managed — then count your blessings and stop complaining.

But by the same measure: if you’re not earning or learning, as the mighty Garry Tan puts it, then you need to quit.

What if you…

Photo by João Ferrão on Unsplash

Do you have a gap in your resume? A break in your CV? Is it for 6 months or more without a reason? Your resume might be being rejected before a human gets to read it.

The Verge and Harvard Business School published a study this week at how the hiring system is broken in the US — and much of it is broken thanks to bots scanning resumes:

For example, some systems automatically reject candidates with gaps of longer than six months in their employment history, without ever asking the cause of this absence. …

Too much money on avocado toast! Millennials change their jobs too much! They’re all choosing to be childless and mindlessly think that plants are children!

Millennials get a lot of schtick for being superficial, shallow, benign, or even having ‘funny characteristics’.

For the vast majority of world-weary, tired and wide awake millennials who can’t afford homes folks, these are the usual slanderous comments which boomer media likes to throw around while being wildly ignorant of how they enabled economic paralysis for this entire generation. More on that later.

An overview of our main points today when it comes to typical…

new realities.

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